Galaxy Of Terror (1981)


Title: Galaxy Of Terror
CinemaBandits Title: Not So 'Happy Days'!

CinemaBandits Review: Remember that Happy Days episode where Richie Cunningham is visited by Mork From Ork? Remember thinking, as an 8 year old, that it was sure to win an Emmy?.... Only later realizing it was one of the worst things ever filmed?

Now imagine that story with even less believability... with Joanie instead of Richie... and instead of Robin Williams, substitute a really big glob of horny Jell-O... well, you got yourself Galaxy Of Terror!

If you're like me, when you first saw the movie ALIEN you thought to yourself "Man, that was a superb movie! If only it starred that girl from Happy Days!... If only it had a plot-line that involved the Church Of Scientology!... If only the Alien was trying to bump uglies with the crew rather than trying to eat them!"... If you thought that, then this stinky burrito of a movie is for you.

Joanie seems to be some sort of psychic sent to another planet by a higher power to search for extraterrestrial souls.

(I promise you... L. Ron Hubbard did not write the screenplay. Although, if he had, Battlefield Earth would now be considered his second worse movie.)

And even though Joanie was at the peak of her career when this movie was made, top billing goes to Edward Albert (son of TV's Green Acres Eddie Albert) and Ray Walston (from My Favorite Martian)... presumably because of the immense amount of credibility & acting integrity both bring to the film... just take a look at some of their credits: Alf, SuperBoy, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and the venerable Fist Fighter 2!

Star power!

Funky Burrito Rating:burrito4burrito4burrito4 (3 of 10) Funky Burritos.

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