Planet Of Dinosaurs (1978)

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Title: Planet Of Dinosaurs
CinemaBandits Title: Feathered Hair And A Big Mustache...Fun At 70's Jurassic Park!

CinemaBandits Reveiw: A crew from a crippled spaceship crashes on a foreign world.

Original stuff!

But, just imagine this crew's luck... Not only does their spacecraft almost blow-up with them in it, but they crash on a planet the has an extremely harsh climate... much like Southern California!

I half expected to see a Del Taco just around every corner!

Then there's the ravenous local alien population they have to deal with. And, might I add, deal with not very well... about every 15 minutes one of these poor souls gets eaten by a claymation dinosaur! Unfortunately, the two most enjoyable actors get eaten halfway through the movie, Harvey Baylor as Harvey Shain & Derna Wylde as his, uh-hum, secretary Derna Lee (I know... creative character naming).

Plus, as a subtext, corporate employee structure and employee rights is explored, although I'm not sure why they chose a "lost-on-an-alien-planet-with-monsters-film" as a vehicle for such a discussion.

As befitting a 70's flick, there's lots of beards, huge mustaches, hairy chests, and feathered hair going on. I was surprised to find only one person loses their shirt... although I wasn't so surprised to find out it was the man with the largest pecs this side of The Milky Way.

One scene not to be missed: the crew finds poisonous berries, makes them into a home brew, imbibes a little too much of said brew, and ends up singing 'Auld Land Syne'... presumably because there are no royalties to pay out for that song.

It's all good Dino-Survival fun!
Funky Burrito Rating:burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4 (8 of 10) Funky Burritos.

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