The Alien Factor (1978)

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Title: The Alien Factor
CinemaBandits Title: Sheriff With Barry Manilow Hair Fights Evil Alien In Jeans!

CinemaBandits Reveiw: Way back in 1978, The Walt Disney Company was scouring the country for an appropriate spot for their newest amusement park EPCOT. They had narrowed the search to include only two locations... the Orlando area, right next to Disneyworld... or Perryville, a tiny hick-town in Maryland.

As we know, they chose Orlando... but not many people know why. The Alien Factor tells the true story! ALIENS IN JEANS!

Seems that these aliens, before reeking havoc on the small town of Perryville, stopped by the Gap to pick up some mid-rise boot-cut jeans... I mean, who wants to cause mayhem and terrorize townsfolk in some shiny silver latex body-suit?

How cliché!

Our hero alien, Mr. Zachary, is a complex character. At once, blending into the native hillbilly population with his ill-fitting flannel shirts and a wild-and-wooly poorly-trimmed piece of man-hair that doubles as a mustache growing willy-nilly across his upper lip... while also possessing far advanced scientific knowledge and technologies, like dart guns and audio speakers!

He dutifully races around Perryville searching for the evil aliens... aided by a sheriff so low-key you'd think he has just overdosed on Valium and screaming girls who, obviously immobilized with fear, never run from the attacking alien... they simply stand and scream (which in this movie, as it turns out, is highly effective). This troop of denim'ed-evil-alien hunters only stops to enjoy the musical stylings of a rock band who (keep in mind it's 1978... a year deep in the throws of disco) dress in the fabbest 60's attire of Nehru jackets and ascots! They're so groovy, man!

What a magical town Perryville is! I can see why Disney was considering it!

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