Giant From The Unknown (1958)

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Title: Giant Of The Unknown
CinemaBandits Title: Giant Conquistadors Have Giant Helmets!

CinemaBandits Reveiw: There's a giant dead Spanish conquistador roaming the sleepy resort town of Pine Ridge... and he's desperately looking for a shower! Brought back to life by an electrical storm, the newly reanimated Spaniard named Vargas, or El Diablo Giant, instead finds chickens, women, and scientists!

After being dead for 500 years, I'm guessing he makes some fajitas out of the chickens (he's hungry), has a fiesta with the women (he's lonely), but I have no idea what he's gonna do with the scientists.

Once the townsfolk find out about the undead giant terrorizing their woman and chickens, they react the way we all do when something we don't understand confuses and frightens us... they attack and try to kill it. Evidently, back in 1958, there were no 'Undead Conquistador Awareness' classes available to the people of Pine Ridge. In their ignorance, they run around spewing hate and violence towards El Diablo Giant like a bunch of undead-o-phob bigots!

Where's an Oprah TV Special that raises zombie-awareness when you need it?!?

They eventually succeed in trapping the evil giant, but not before he assaults Charlie Brown (the pimply-faced town teenager), Parker (the town's sheriff), and Indian Joe (the town's -- you guessed it -- Indian). Although I'm sure that if the townsfolk of Pine Ridge had bothered to just get to know Vargas The Giant Devil, they would have found out that he's not so different than themselves... and this whole mess could've been avoided!

Let's all have a zombie fiesta!
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