The Tomb (1986)

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Title: The Tomb
CinemaBandits Title: The Mummy - Too Hot For TV!

CinemaBandits Review: Turns out, Brendan Fraser was a good actor after all!

I have to confess, the first few times I watched 1999's The Mummy, I was rather unimpressed with Brendan Fraser's performance.... much in the same way I'm unimpressed when I have food poisoning.

Oh sure, you may cite the movies Furry Vengeance, or Dudley Do-Right, or Monkeybone, or George Of The Jungle. or even the hearlded Encino Man as proof of Fraser's acting chops.... but I still questioned his ability while watching The Mummy.

You may even argue with me saying: "How can you question Fraser's thespian skills when he's able to pull off so many looks??!?"


Call me a doubting-Thomas, but even with such compelling evidence, my mind still was not convinced Brendan was the next Marlon Brando.

Then I watched The Tomb.... .... and everything changed!

My eyes have been opened! I have seen the light!

After watching The Tomb's version of an ancient Egyptian mummy come back to life to chase a treasure hunter, I am a Brendan believer!

In fact, I'm petitioning the Academy Awards to retro-actively award Mr. Fraser an Oscar for his performance in The Mummy!

And as the only proof they will need, I'm sending them a copy of the performance of The Tomb's leading man Richard Hench (who's other main claim to fame is that he was Playgirl's Man of the Month for their April, 1984 issue).

The Brendan Fraser Fanclub will be meeting at my house from now on!

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