Evils Of The Night (1985)

Title: Evils Of The Night
CinemaBandits Title: Alternative Lifestyle Aliens Buy A Hospital!

CinemaBandits Review: C'mon now. If you told me you were going to stick Catwoman and Ginger from Gilligan's Island in miniskirts and plop them smack dab in the middle of a space movie together, well, my 13 year old mind would've been blown.

Unfortunately, it's been quite a few years since I was 13 and even longer since Julie Newmar and Tina Louise looked even somewhat appropriate in miniskirts. But there they are -- in all their grandma'ness -- jumping around the silver screen in tiny little dresses.

Hubba Hubba!

However, they are mere eye candy to lure us into a convoluted narrative about alien hospital administrators. Yep... another one of those 'evil-hospital-administrators-from-outer-space' movies.

They hire two local mechanics to bring them fresh, nubile young bodies to harvest platelets from their blood. Luckily, they seem to have landed squarely in the middle of a gaggle of barely clothed teenagers. These evil hospital administrators are willing to pay cold hard cash for each body... in the form of quarters. Like, 8 or 9 quarters for each body. That's $2.25 per murder. A mechanic could retire after 80 or 90 thousand murders!

That's it. That's the plot... Well, there's lots of boobs and bikinis bouncing around. A few scenes of frolicking by a seaweed covered lake (huh?). Some shots of girls eating bananas... But, basically, there's your movie. It's a doozy.

Oh... and there's John Carradine in silver spandex. Can't forget that.

Funky Burrito Rating:burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4 (5 of 10) Funky Burritos.

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