Monster On The Campus (1958)

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Title: Monster On The Campus
CinemaBandits Title: Tonight's Special: Monster Fish Surprise!

CinemaBandits Reveiw: An extinct giant fish is infecting a small college town with mutant genes!

That's the last time I ever order the Red Lobster Catch-Of-The-Day. I'm stickin' with the clam chowder from now on.

I suppose this was bound to happen... the way we pollute the oceans. Every so often, a mutated fish (or 200 foot tall, fire-breathing lizard) pops out of the seas and takes it's revenge against the evil education system (or Japanese).

This nasty fish doesn't even have to be alive to reek havoc on Dunsfield University. Somehow, someway, this evil fillet of sea-meat manages to kill 3 people before the good Dr. Blake can figure out what's going on.

Played by the Simpsons'ized Troy Donahue, the college hunk Jimmy Flanders has a dog... and that poor pooch is the first victim... but not the last.

Even though he employs rigorous, thorough safety procedures when handling dead animal carcasses (i.e. wearing a lab coat... smoking a pipe... injected himself with it's blood... and other time-tested CDC approved procedures), Dr. Blake, inexplicably, also becomes infected.

Once Dr. Blake realizes he's become infected with a deadly and dangerous virus that causes him to murder those around him, he does what any well-educated, highly-respected individual would do... he invites his girlfriend and her family to a cabin in the woods and infects himself again.

Makes perfect sense!
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