Who Cares? (1968)


Title: Who Cares?
CinemaBandits Title: Being A Drummer Is Way Cooler Than Not Being A Drummer!

CinemaBandits Reveiw: I don't know about you, but when I was in school I used to love educational film day! The teacher breaking out the projector, loading up the film reel, dimming the lights, and listening to the projector's familiar tap-tap-tap sound as it spun those reels. Well, today I'm reviewing one of those little gems... Who Cares?

The film dramatizes a story about a little boy who would rarely smile and was always grouchy because he felt he was not liked. Tells how his classmates discovered he was a fine musician and helped him to realize that others did care for him after all.

Well, that's the official synopsis...

But really this short film just reinforces the known truth... Rockstars rule!

Now, I'm not saying I agree with that, but I'm guessing there is some measure of truth to it. How else to explain the 80's band Warrant??!?

Warrant80 copy

Seems the subject of this movie, Charles, is ridiculed by everyone in his life... his family, his classmates, his teachers, even complete strangers. That is, until Charles shows them he can rock out on the drums! Suddenly, everyone loves Charles... everyone wants Charles to be their friend!

I'm not bitter.

Just cause I never learned an instrument... just cause other kids would point and laugh at me because I could spell "cornucopia". I mean, really... just cause a man in his 30's still lives at home, videotapes Star Trek: The Next Generation daily, practices his nun-chuck skills, dreams of meeting a real-life dragon, and doesn't play in a band... I suppose he's not as cool as a Rockstar??!?
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