Fatal Justice (1994)

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Title: Fatal Justice
CinemaBandits Title: It's Like Schindler's List... Only A Lot, Lot Worse!

CinemaBandits Review: Every once in a while, God looks down upon you and smiles: you get some extra french-frys you didn't order...you find a $20 bill on the ground... you stumble across a gas station that's 3 cents cheaper than all the others... or....

You stumble upon a movie like Fatal Justice!

A movie so incredibly inept... so absolutely silly and lacking common sense... with so much clumsy film-making... that's it's truly a wondrous delight to watch!

I don't know who Gerald Cain is (the director of this mess)... but why he isn't mentioned in the same breath as Ed Wood, when discussing clueless directors, is beyond me!

Evidently, Gerald Cain made another film called Dust To Dust... and you can bet your bottom dollar, right this very minute, I'm searching the cob-webbed back-rooms of every video store I can think of to try to find it! I don't know how it could top Fatal Justice, but a guy can hope, can't he??!?

From the moment the first images of this movie splashed across my TV screen, I knew I had stumbled upon truly great bad-filmmaking!

There are so many jaw-dropping moments in this film... From exploding watermelons to a Ford Escort being used as a get-away car... from outrageously high-waisted shorts to CIA candidates that look like out-of-shape construction workers. At one point in the film, during a car case, the heroine switches from a left-hand driving position to a right-hand driving position... then back to a left-hand driving position! I'm guessing the film was accidently flipped over during editing... and the director didn't notice!

However, after watching Fatal Justice, it's a safe bet the director may have been drunk throughout the entire process!

Funky Burrito Rating:burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4burrito4 (9 of 10) Funky Burritos.

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